The Science and Engineering Student Board (SESB) is the official undergraduate governing body of the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering (CSE). SESB aims to promote collaboration between students, student groups, staff, and faculty, as well as academic and social engagement in CSE through its numerous yearly events. SESB provides students with regular opportunities for service and outreach to the University and neighboring communities. SESB offers students the opportunity to gain leadership experience and prepares them to bridge the gap between college and life beyond the University. Members are expected to attend biweekly meetings and participate in the planning of several events throughout the semester. SESB is open to all students at the U.

If you are a first year student looking to get involved, please consider applying for our First Year Initiative (FYI) Program! Apply at z.umn.edu/SESBFYI20App, and contact Jenny Rosauer at [email protected] with any FYI related questions. If you are not a first year student and/or are interested in becoming involved in SESB in other ways, please visit our Committees page to learn more about the different ways you can join us! Committee meeting times can be found on our calendar.

For more information about SESB, check out our newsletter! You can subscribe to stay in touch with what we are doing at z.umn.edu/sesbnewsletter, and you can see former newsletters at z.umn.edu/sesbArchive.

2021-2022 Executive Team

Congratulations to the newly elected executive team for the next academic year!

President - Blessie Mande

Blessie Mande


Vice President - Brody Wanner

Brody Wanner


Treasurer - Raunak Pandey

Raunak Pandey


Communication Co-Directors - Darin Phlork and Keagan Eng

Darin Phlork

Darin Phlork 


Keagan Eng

Keagan Eng


Our Mission

To provide resources, support, community, and advocacy for students and student groups by fostering a network of leaders within CSE and between colleges.